Being the Special Helper and Snack 2019-Cool Cats and Playful Bunnies (Top Dogs will be a Top Dog of the Week)

During the preschool year, we ask parents to sign-up for their child to be “special helper”.  When your child is special helper, they will get to do all kinds of special things during the day.  They will get to be the line leader, signal for clean up time, help the teachers, pass out papers and any other special things that need done during the day.  On the day you sign up for your child to be special helper, they will also bring the snack for the class. To make things as easy as possible, we just have you place the snack in the wagon outside of the classroom.  We will then place everything back in the wagon for you to take back with you.  Be on the look out for a sign-up lists outside your child’s classroom door.