Arrival & Dismissal Procedures and School Security 2019

When you arrive at preschool, you will be entering from Worthington Avenue.  When school begins at 9:00 Mrs. Sandy will come out through the preschool door, which is located to the left of the steps.  She will be outside until 9:10 and will then enter the preschool.  The door with the keypad on it will lock automatically.  If you arrive late, you may punch in the parent code that will be given to you before school starts.

After meeting Mrs. Sandy at the preschool entrance door, go down the steps and head to your child’s coat hook and mailbox.  Hang up any bags, diaper bags, and coats on your child’s hook.  (If you can label bags and coats that would be very helpful!)  Next, please take your child to try to go to the “potty” before preschool begins, even if they say they “do not need to go”.  After that, please take your preschool pal to their classroom.  Cindy will be around at arrival times for all classes, if you need to talk to her, or drop off any papers.  All parents should then exit through the “preschool exit door” located by the muscle room.

When you are coming back to pick up your child, enter through the entrance door, punching in the parent code, pick-up, and exit through the exit door by the muscle room.  It’s like making a big circle.  Please remember to do your best to pick-up in a timely manner.  We understand running late on occasion is unavoidable, but if it becomes a habit, it also will become a problem.

I know this is a lot of information, and I’m sure I have forgotten to address something.  It really runs smoothly once you get the hang of it.  Please let us know if you have any questions.