Cool Cats Right to Read Weeks Reading Plan

The Cool Cats will begin our our Right to Read Week on February 20th. It will end on Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2nd) with a popcorn party and book celebration! We will track our reading by making a giant Cat in the Hat hat. Each child will receive pieces of red and white paper. For each book read, please write the title and author on a paper strip and give it to either Mrs. Susan or Mrs. Sarah in the morning. During circle time we will count our books and have the children add their book strip to the hat. We have 3 levels and would love for each Cool Cat to complete every level if possible. We have put a lot of thought into creating reading levels that will expand the children’s exposure to different types of books. Your child will receive a prize for each level completed and we will end our time with a class party. Two excellent resources for books are the Public Library (free!) and Blue Manatee Books in Oakley.  Look in your mailbox next week for more information!

Level One:

Read 4 books of your choice!

Level Two:

Please read a book by each of the following authors:

-William Steig

-Alexandra Day

-Herve Tullet

-Stan & Jan Berenstain

Level Three:

Choose 4 or more:

-A non-fiction books

-A book about your favorite animal

-Look through a cookbook (bonus if you make a recipe!)

-A book about a different culture

-A pop-up book

-Your parent’s (or grandparents) favorite childhood book

-wordless book