Dramatic Play-#1

So much of the learning preschoolers do is through social interaction with their classmates and their teachers.  While trying to replicate this at home can be difficult, if you can engage your immediate family members, pets and stuffed animals into some dramatic play, it would be well worth the effort.  The following are some ideas for dramatic play.

  • Play house.  Switch up the roles.  Your child can be the parent and you can be the child.  A play kitchen, a play phone, and a kitchen table would work well for this.  Also, you can practice housekeeping skills together.  Try taking care of baby dolls or stuffed animals.
  • Play school.  Use a yard stick for a teaching stick.  Find a teaching chair and teaching hat.  Talk about school rules.  Read books from the teaching chair.  Pretend to be the special helper.  Do show and tell.  Play the kindness key.
  • Make a grocery store.  Pull out items from your pantry. Put prices on them.  Make play money.  Bag groceries in paper sacks.  Use a grocery cart if you have one.  Group food into categories by food group.  Talk about healthy and not so healthy choices.

More dramatic play ideas to follow!  We hope this will be a educational, fun and worthwhile experience!