Basic Preschool History

The goals and objectives for preschoolers concerning historical events focusses mainly on holidays.  The following are some items to review with your child to give them a basic concept of why we celebrate the holiday.

  • Thanksgiving-Your child should have a basic understanding of who the Pilgrims and Native Americans/Indians were and their relationship to each other.
  • Christmas/Hanukkah-Your child should have an understanding of Jesus being born and the miracle of the oil.
  • New Year’s Eve/Day-Your child should have an understanding of new beginnings and goal setting.
  • MLKJ Day-Your child should have a general understanding of who Dr. King was and racial reconciliation.
  • President’s day-Your child should have an understanding of who George Washington was, mainly the first president.  You can expand on this and talk about the importance of telling the truth.  Also, your child should understand who Abe Lincoln was and a basic idea of slavery.
  • Easter/Passover-Your child should have a general idea of why these holidays are important and celebrated.

If your child seems really interested in holidays, you can expand their knowledge by discussing other holidays.  There are lots to choose from!