Writing/Pencil Control

There are three main writing/pencil control goals we have for preschoolers.  We hope they are able to master the following skills before kindergarten:

  1. Write there name.  It is fine if they start out using all uppercase, but should try to learn lowercase before kindergarten.  Start with your preschooler’s first name and then move on to last name when writing their first name is easy.
  2. Write the numbers 0-10.  Start by having them look at a number line and then move onto writing them on their own.
  3. Drawing basic shapes.  Your preschooler should be able to draw a circle, square, triangle and a rectangle.  Start by tracing the shape and then move on from there.  If this is an easy skill for your preschooler, add oval, hexagon, heart, star and diamond/rhombus.