New Program-Lunch with Mrs. Kim

This upcoming school year, we will be offering a new program called “Lunch with Mrs. Kim”.  Students who are enrolled in the Panda Bear (2/3 year old M/F class) and those enrolled in the Friday Fun Class with Mrs. Susan are eligible to sign-up for the “Lunch with Mrs. Kim” program.  On Fridays, parents have the option to sign their child up to stay at preschool with our adored Mrs. Kim until 1:00.  (If you register for this program, you will be sending a lunch with your child on the Fridays you sign-up for.)  During this time, the children will eat lunch together, work on art projects, and enjoy other preschool related activities  The cost of the program is $7.00 per Friday, if you sign-up the week of , or $5.00 per Friday if you register for the month.  Mrs. Cindy will have the first sign-up sheet available during our parent/child orientation visits.  🙂