Kid in a Bubble experiment

This is a really fun project to do in the summer.  The campers at summer camp just loved this!

Mix the following ingredients in a small swimming pool, or plastic sandbox that is about the size of a hula hoop.  (The hula hoop will need to fit inside of the pool.  You do not want the pool too big, or the bubble solution will spread out too much).

  • about 5 gallons of water (tap water works fine)
  • 2 giant bottles (about 10 oz each) of Dawn original dish soap (the blue kind)
  • 2 bottles of glycerin (You can usually find this at Wal-Mart in the first-aid section)

After mixing this together, let sit for one day, or more.  The solution seems to work better after sitting for a few days.  Also, make sure to mix the solution before you try to make the bubbles.

Place a stool, or milk crate in the middle of the bubble solution pool.  Place the hula-hoop around the stool.  Have the child stand (carefully) on the stool, then pull up the hula-hoop for a giant bubble surrounding the child!

This is usually easier with two people to pull the hula-hoop up.  We placed pipe cleaners on the edge of the hula-hoop as  “holders” to make it easier to grab.  At camp, we let some of the older “helpers” pull up the hula-hoop to make the bubbles.