Olympic Geography

I don’t know if there could be a better way than the olympic games  to introduce/teach/reinforce geography to your child.  My son Abe woke up this morning and rushed to the television set to find the early morning Olympic soccer games.  He then proceeded to let me know where Turkey was located.  I think he was correct, but honestly, I couldn’t remember where Turkey was located.  This conversation gave me a great idea:  I need to get my maps out!  So, today, we are pulling out our maps and globes to use to help us locate the countries that are competing in this year’s summer Olympics.  Tonight when we watch the opening ceremonies, we are going to work together to locate the countries on the map.  Throughout the events we are going to keep those maps handy to locate where the athletes are from during each event.  I’m looking forward to brushing up on my geographical knowledge, while Abe and Cal are learning at the same time.