Olympic Breakfast Surprise

During my weekly trip to Jungle Jim’s to go grocery shopping, I spotted the Wheaties box in the breakfast cereal isle.  I found two boxes, one displaying Muhammad Ali and the other had Bruce Jenner.  (It looks like there is a Mary Lou Retton box, too, but it was not in stock.)  Seeing the boxes, gave a me an idea to make our breakfast a little special.  I picked up one of each Wheaties box with the plan to secretly get these into the house.  Then, I searched for a picture of Abe and Cal, cut out their face and placed them on the Wheaties box, so it looked like they were the famous athlete.  We usually only eat cereal on Saturday mornings, (I think it is a reminder to me of growing up eating cereal on Saturday morning and watching cartoons, after all, that was the only time they used to be on!  Then, of course, followed by ABC’s Wide World of Sports…) so I am waiting until then to put the “surprise” boxes out on the table.  If your child does not like Wheaties, I think it would be easy to put a different kind of cereal in the box, or something they usually eat for breakfast.  You could also wait until after the Olympics, when the final contracts have been signed, to get the newest Wheatie box Olympic athlete’s picture.  If your child is very artsy, you could even have them design their own Wheaties box by covering the box, or part of it, and having them design away!