Car Wash

Mandy gave me this great summer activity when my boys were two.  She used to have her twin boys, Jacob and Nathan, now ten, do this in the summer.  Mandy told me this used to keep them busy for hours. 🙂

Pull out all of your “vehicles”:  bikes, trikes, flintstone cars, etc.  Fill some buckets, bowls, dishpans with soapy water and add sponges.  Then, start your car wash!  Have your kids start washing and scrubbing their “cars”.  You may even be able to wash your car at the same time. 🙂  You can decide if you want to get out the hose to hose the cars and the kids down.  Optional:  Blast the 1976 song “Car Wash” by Rose Royce, while washing the cars.

To extend this activity, you may want to go to an actual car wash.  My boys, Abe and Cal, who are now six, decided this summer that they just had to see a “real” car wash.  It was then that I realized I don’t think we ever take our car to the car wash!  So, for a “field trip” this summer we went to a car wash and they loved it.  Who knew?