The Wyoming Fire Department Visits A&HT Wyoming Preschool

 On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, the Wyoming Fire Department visited our preschool headed up by assistant fire chief, Matt Flagler, Daniel Flagler’s dad.  Since two of our students had just suffered through a significant house fire days ago, this year’s program held extra importance.  Before the educational program began, each class performed a practice fire drill, timed by fire fighter Zachary Green.

During this year’s presentation, the children were exposed to lots of practical and important information.  First, Matt explained how and why to crawl low in smoke, reminding students that smoke travels up, so we want to stay down.  He then talked about the dangers of matches, aim and flames, lighters, and fireworks, instructing the preschools to never play with these items, and to go get a “big person” if they see any of these objects.

Next, assistant fire chief Matt explained what to do if a person’s clothes caught on fire and had students volunteer to demonstrate how to stop, drop, and roll.  Following was a discussion explaining to the preschoolers when it was appropriate to call 911.  Matt also had a smoke detector with him that he showed the preschoolers and reminded them to all go home, look for their smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly.

The preschoolers were able to view a firefighter’s gear, and watch one of the volunteer firefighters put on all his equipment.  The preschoolers were instructed to yell and scream to get the attention of a firefighter, if they were involved in a fire, because even though firefighters make look scary, they are our friends and there to rescue us.

The finale to the visit was the chance to get into the fire engine.  Each student took a turn climbing in, sat in the seat, and looked at all the equipment and gear the fire engine had.  At the end, we all sat next to the fire engine, and waved our good-byes until we see them again during our field trip in January!