Very Hungry Caterpillar, Very Busy Spider, and Mixed-Up Chameleon News

Next week we will be starting our Halloween fun theme.  This week we also talk to the children about fears.  Our second learning time will have most of the activities revolving around Halloween fun and how to handle our fears.  Besides our regular learning activities, we will be doing some extra things revolving around the letter “G”.

Monday-“Go”-Today we will “Go, go, go for G”-They Might Be Giants, Read “Go Dog Go” and “Go Away, Big Green Monster” by Ed Emberley.

Tuesday-“Ghosts”-Today we will meet a “pet ghost” and read the book “Ghosts in the House”.

Thursday-“Glow”-Today we will get glow bracelets and have a glowing dance.  If your children have any glowing clothing, even pajamas, they are welcome to wear them today.

Friday-“Goodnight”-This day we will be reading “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown.  I would love for parents to come to school at 12:30 with a blanket and about 3 favorite bedtime books.  I will start reading “Goodnight Moon” at 12:30, and then ask the children about their bedtime routines.  At 12:35, we will open the door and surprise the children with moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas arriving at school to read to them!  We plan on having you start reading to your own child, and then having the children rotate about every 5 minutes.  If you are unable to come early, please let us know and we will place your child with another child to hang out with for the time.  Also, siblings are welcome if you can manage them. 🙂  Also, please remember to have your child wear Orange and bring something Orange!