Wyoming Schools Parent Schools Association*

As you all know, the preschool years fly by, and before you know it, your child will be in Kindergarten.  This is a great time to start preparing and thinking about how you are going to invest in and support your child’s education for the future.  One of the reasons Wyoming Schools (and our preschool) are so strong is because of it’s parent involvement. I know from personal experience the importance of parents being involved.  Many years ago, (about 17, yikes!), I worked in a district that parents were not willing to volunteer and support the schools and the teaching staff.  While the children still were offered a good education, they did not receive the opportunities, or quality of education I see our Wyoming students receiving.

This year’s Wyoming Schools PSA (Parent Schools Association) president, Suzy Henke, is working really hard to get information out about it’s organization.  In the next few days, you will be receiving a packet of information about the Wyoming PSA to help inform you of what it is and what it does.  The following are some highlights from the packet you will be receiving:

PSA has three functions: volunteering, fundraising and an advisory role.

PAC (Primary Advisory Committee) at each division serves in an advisory capacity, meeting with administrators once a month, funneling information to and from parents.  (This is where I go once a month with the questions and concerns that you guys have and to keep up to date on the current curriculum.)

Volunteering: PSA organizes and commits 100s and 100s of parent volunteer hours each year in, probably, 100s of roles.  (This includes volunteers for recess/lunch duty and room parents.  You will receive a tri-fold listing each position.)

Fundraising: PSA carefully raises and distributes funds supporting programs and providing materials each year. Last year, PSA distributed more than $120,000 to the district.  PSA was able to purchase 15 netbooks per classroom this year for our elementary schools.  Each class has been using these for education activities and testing.   The $10 PSA membership fee is used to support these programs and materials.  All community members have an opportunity to be listed and/or purchase a student directory.  The directory income goes to that year’s 10th grade class to defray costs for prom the next year.

The information on the website is open to anyone to view it. (See link.)  Anyone can receive Facebook posts and info.  PSA members receive the monthly, electronic newsletter, The Lariat, filled with timely information.  For example, the latest Lariat explained arrival and dismissal procedures, as well as safety concerns, along with community events and volunteer opportunities.

*Please note that I am happy to get information out about other school districts. Just let me know.