Weekly Round-up-October 22-November 5

Monday, the 22nd
  • Regular class schedule
  • Picture day for all classes! 

Tuesday, the 23rd

  • Regular class schedule
  • Owl program-10:30 a.m. 

Thursday, the 26th

  • Regular class schedule

Friday, the 27th

  • Regular class schedule
  • MUC class-Wear and bring something spooky black today!

Monday, the 29th

  • Regular class schedule (even though Wyoming Schools are not in session.)

Tuesday, the 30th

  • Halloween Parties!  9:30-11:00 (No Regular Classes)

Thursday, the 1st

  • No school-Fall Break

Friday, the 2nd

  • No school-Fall Break

Monday, the 5th

  • Regular class schedule
  • Second tuition Payment due
  • Canned food drive begins


Preschool Office News:  (Mrs. Cindy)- Please bring your Halloween party donations to school a few days before the party.  It helps to make our set-up easier.  Also, I will be putting tuition reminders in your child’s mailbox soon.  You can drop off your payment around the first week of November.  If your child has recently had a birthday, you will be receiving a new child medical form to update at your child’s well-visit.  Thanks so much!


Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Pre-K)- (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy) Goodnight “G”!  Today we wrapped our learning activities revolving around the letter “G” with having family members come in to read goodnight stories to our class.  After reading Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Goon, we all enjoyed the chance to cuddle up and read together with our families.  Today we also read some Halloween poems, learned some Halloween songs, talked about fears and how to handle them, and learned the fingerplay “Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate” and created a picture of five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.   At home:  Count and sort your Halloween candy and make Halloween decorations!  Also, keep working with your letter flashcards and practice writing the letters, too.


Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy)- Goodness Gracious and Golly Gee!  What a great week learning about the letter “G”!  This week we started off our learning times by singing the song “This is the way we get up in the morning” by Hap Palmer and practiced how to get ready for preschool.  We learned about the color orange and had our special helpers scour the room for something orange to place on our table.  We learned about the number “6” and did some number exercises.  We learned about the shape “rhombus” and distinguished between a rhombus and other shapes in our shape box.  We learned about parts of the body with Mr. Dry Bones and sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”.  We sang “ZYX” and learned about the letter “G” with Go Away Big Green Monster and Go Dog Go.  We also met a pet ghost, read Ghosts in the House, and had a glowing day!  At home:  Enjoy some Halloween fun!  Make paper jack-o-lanterns to hang in your windows.  Make paper bats and tissue ghost to hang from lights.   For the brave, make trash bag ghosts to hang from your trees outside.


Friday Fun News-(Mrs. Susan)-(9:15-11:45)  This week we will continue with our Halloween theme.  The children enjoyed making their bats, learning about bats and finding food just as a bat does.  Pumpkins will be our next lesson along with the letter H.  Hopefully they have created some decoration worthy Halloween art!  The children have been doing better with their name recognition so soon we will move on to spelling it next.


Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  (Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Kim)-  The children are enjoying our Monster felt board story, Jack-o-Lantern felt activity, “What do Monsters Do?” fingerplay and Ghost fingerplay.  We are singing “Happy Monsters” and “Jack-o-Lantern Smiling Bright.”  The children love to tell the monster to go away in the book Go Away Big Green Monster, and we are also reading a book where the children have a costume parade and Halloween party.  Our letter this week is G and the shape is an oval.  This week we made some spooky ghosts and some witches’ cauldrons filled with a glittery potion – we are getting ready for Halloween!!

A quick note about the 2’s class and the Halloween Party.  If you feel that your child will be more comfortable having you accompany them during the Halloween Parade, we strongly encourage that.  If you’re sure that your child will be fine, feel free to wait along the parade path and get some good pictures.  To those of you new to the Halloween Party, here is a heads-up.  The party is self-run by you and your child.  It does get loud and crowded.  If you are bringing younger siblings (which we encourage) it is helpful to bring another adult along.  Remember to stay until the end when the entire two’s class will get up and perform some songs (or stand there and stare at you.)  Either way, it’s soooo cute!