More Updates and Reminders :)

  • The nicely done colored copy handouts advertising “Cookies with Santa” in each student’s mailbox was from Maddox Fox’s grandfather Wayne Fox.  (Jude Meyung’s grandpa, too.)  He is the pastor of the Messiah Community Church located at 10 Burns Avenue right by the Wyoming sign.  He has invited anyone in the preschool interested in this event to attend, (he just forgot to put the location on the flyers.)  We went last year with Abe and Cal and had a super time. 🙂  
  • If you are member of the VHC or VBS class, we will be doing our “family picture sharing” Tuesday and Thursday of this week.  If you would like to send in a picture of your family for your child to show the class and for us to post, please do so by Thursday.  
  • Preschool Pals envelopes due Tuesday for VHC and VBS students who would like to participate.  
  • For all classes:  Please bring in your $1.00 for Santa’s workshop by next Monday, our shopping day!  
  • Please pay your tuition if you have not already done so.  
  • VHC class-It looks like we will be missing Isabel and Coco Helfrich for the rest of the school year.  More than likely they are moving to Florida.