An invitation from Father Eric

Dear Preschool Families,

I’m delighted you’ve chosen to enroll your children in our fabulous preschool.  I know they receive top notch education in these formative years from our dedicated and talented teachers.  It seems like forever ago that my son, Lucas, was in the four-year-old class–he’s only in first grade!
Anyway, I want to invite you and your families to attend our Family Christmas Eve service on December 24th at 4:30 pm.  This service is designed to be as child friendly as possible and to get you and your children home early enough for a family dinner and off to bed before Santa arrives.  Our Christmas Pageant replaces the sermon, and I usually give the children a treat like a candy cane or something of that nature.  Your children are more than welcome to participate in the pageant, or they can relax in the pews with mom and dad.  Please contact Heather Stottmann at 513-827-6058 if you’re interested in participating in the Pageant.  Heather is this year’s Pageant Coordinator.
I know life gets tremendously busy for everyone this time of the year, and I want to remind you that it’s all right if we don’t have the perfect Hallmark Christmas.  We celebrate the greatest gift of all, God’s love for the world through God’s Son, Jesus, and we get to celebrate with loved ones.  I promise we’ll all enjoy Christmas a good deal more if we manage to put less stress and expectations on ourselves.
From my family to yours, have a blessed and Merry Christmas!
In God’s Grace,
Eric L. Miller+