VHC, VBS, and MUC News

  • Just a reminder for MUC’s to bring something shaped like a square this Friday.
  • During the next few weeks, we will be learning more about the letters “L” & “M”.  Mrs. Kim made us a beautiful “Mystery Present Box” that we will be placing something special in each day.  Most of the time, the items in the box will start with the letters “L” or “M”.  The items will also tie into our study of the Five Senses and the Holidays.  For example, for taste, we will have “lollipops” in the Mystery present and “lick” them.  For Polar Express Pajama day on the 10th, we will “listen” to the jingle bells and each child will get one to take home.  We are looking forward to the  following weeks being filled with activities about Christmas, Hanukah, Santa, Rudolph, the North Pole, gingerbread men, etc. that will give us lots of opportunities to explore with our five senses.