MUC- "Homework/Activity" bags

This year we are beginning to send home small activity bags for you to do with your child at home.  It usually will involve reading some books and playing a game together.  We will be choosing different students each week to take home the bags.  (Since this is new, we haven’t figured out exactly how the rotation will work, but we will get there!)  Right now, this is how things will work:  We will choose a student from the MUC class to take home the homework/activity bag.  (We have talked to them about keeping it in a special place, like right by the door, so you won’t forget it the next day.)  When their mom or dad says it is time, they can get the bag and work together on the activity.  Everything then goes back in the bag, by the door, and back to school the next day.  If you have a really busy night, and do not have time to work on the activity, please let us know, and we can let you borrow the bag for another night.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we tweak this process.