Weekly Round-up-September 23-27th

Monday, the 23rd

  • Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 24th

  • Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 26th

  • Regular class schedule

Friday, the 27th

  • 8:45 a.m. – Staff meeting
  • Regular class schedule-ALL CLASSES-Father Eric will be visiting today and would like each preschool pal to bring in a stuffed animal to school today.
  • Friday Enrichment please bring an item that starts with the letter D.
  • Please wear GREEN and bring something GREEN to school today Mixed-up Chameleons!

Preschool Office News:  Please note Sandy will be bringing her black lab, Banjo, to school one day next week to the VHC & VBS classes. Please let her know if you do not want your child to be around the dog.  Please remember to keep all costume jewelry, sunglasses, capes, and other accessories to a minimum.  These items have been getting lost, broken, or fought over, so this will help us to maintain the peace.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation class) – “Yellow Day”!  Today we learned all about yellow through songs and different activities.  We also said goodbye to the letter “C” and hello to the letter “D”!  We met Clifford, the Big Red Dog and our Dinofours friends; Dinosaurs that are four year old!  We participated in gym, art, writing workshop and reading workshop.  Besides the rotating activity bags, we will be sending home optional homework in mailboxes on Fridays.  If you complete your homework, including writing your name, and turn it in to Mrs. Mandy, we will “grade” it for you.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  “C’ is for cat!  This week we learned all about the letter “C”!  We read four Pete the Cat books, met Ani’s, Cate’s, and David’s cats, talked about how to care for a cat, and made a Calico cat at art!  We participated in our calendar activities, added words that started with the letter “C” to our “C” chart, met “Cliff the Cow” and sang a funny song about a coughing caterpillar.  We have been continuing to go over our “How I Act” chart and are beginning to assess social and emotional development, as well as color and shape recognition.

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  The two’s class had another exciting week.  Our new letter was B.  We had a visit from a Ballerina puppet who told the class all about B and the B sound.  We also found out what was inside our B mystery box – a ball!  Then we sang the ABC song.  During art we painted a school bus, glued blue and brown buttons on the letter B, and had fun with Band-Aids.  We also continued with our same songs and felt board stories.   As the year progresses, you will notice that we do the same songs, finger plays, and felt board stories for about 2 to 3 weeks.  At this age, the children really enjoy the repetition.  They are excited when they know what is coming next in the story.  By the end of the unit, many of the children are actively participating in the stories.  Have a fabulous weekend.  We are looking forward to another week of preschool fun!

Friday Enrichment News  We had a great day continuing our fall theme by making beautiful trees.  We ran out of time for a fall walk so hopefully the weather this week will be nice and we can take our walk while on the lookout for fall colors.  The letter this week will be D.   Again, please have your child bring in an item that starts with D to share during group time.  This week the children were introduced to the green, yellow, orange and red card reminders in the Friday room.  This is the same system they use in the multi-age class.  We are also working on mastering our name recognition.