Progress Reports & Conference News

In the next few days, each student will be receiving his or her first progress report of the year.  During this first assessment, we focus on assessing Social and Emotional Development for all classes and general skills for the Multi-age classes.  We will be working through other areas of assessment as the year progresses.  (Please note that “O” means skill not yet officially assessed.)

We start by focusing on the Social and Emotional development of the child first and foremost, because of how important it is for children to learn to function appropriately in a classroom environment so they are able to learn to their fullest potential.  We believe that Social and Emotional development is also key to learn in order to function in everyday life.  

If you have further questions about your child’s development, progress report, or would just like to touch base, you may schedule a conference.  Multi-age conferences will be scheduled through Cindy for the evening of November 19th.  Panda Bear conferences may be scheduled directly with your child’s teachers.