Bathroom incentive stickers for VHC and VBS classes

For some reason, this year it is a BLAST  to go visit the bathroom as many times as possible during preschool, especially when any important lessons are being taught, or core curriculum books are being read.  We cannot really figure out why it is so fun, but we are having an awful time with students asking to go the bathroom multiple times during school, and then not really “going” when they are in there.  Today we had three-fourths of the VBS class go to the bathroom, with some students going multiple times.  The VHC had at least half of the class go to the bathroom.  With not being at preschool for very long, valuable learning time is being lost because of the frequency of the bathroom visits and they have also been disruptive to the class environment.  It is very unusual for this many students to have to go the bathroom.  In the last school I taught in, the bathroom was in the classroom and we averaged two students a day going to the potty.  Don’t get me wrong, we want the preschool pals to let us know if they need to go to the bathroom and we want to take them if they do need to, but we do not want to take students out if they really do not need to go.

So, because of all this, we are going to offer “incentive stickers” to the preschool pals who go into the bathroom at school prior to classes starting with their parents and actually try to go.  After they do this, if the preschool pal and parent will go to the muscle room teachers, probably Mrs. Mandy and Mrs. Cindy, and inform them they did actually physically go into the bathroom and try, they will get a sticker to put on their picture attendance card that they hang up each day in the hallway.  After five stickers, they will get to pick something out of the prize box.

We really hope that by going before school starts, we will be able to cut down dramatically on the bathroom commotion.  Thanks so much for trying this new “program” with us.  We’re hoping it works!