Lego Mini Figure Trading

It seems like a Lego Mini Figure trading fad has struck Wyoming!  My boys, Abe and Cal, have happily been involved in many exciting negotiations and trades.  Always looking for something fun to do with my boys, I have also gotten into the action.  I have found it has been a great tool to teach bartering, giving and receiving, negotiating, verbal communication, trust, setting boundaries, establishing friendships and promoting fun, healthy play.

Since the trading teaches so many life lessons, I thought it would be fun and educational to start some trading on the preschool level.  If your child is interested in trading Lego mini-figures, they can bring the ones they would like to trade in a plastic zip-loc bag with their name written on it.   They can trade with me at the front door, or during the beginning muscle room time.  They can trade with Mrs. Mandy and their preschool pals during muscle room arrival time, too.  After I blow the whistle for class time, trading will be closed and we will have everyone zip up their bags and put them in the wagon.  You may open trading on your own time if you desire, and of course, close it whenever you see the need to do so.

Since the trading is new for the preschool pals, try to make sure they only bring in figures that they are willing, or allowed to trade.  I do talk to them about the guidelines of trading and how after they trade it is “forever”, but we will show leniency with beginning traders, of course.  I also let them know they do not have to trade, and they can say no to trades.  Please feel free to participate, or not, depending on your child’s interest.

We’re really hoping this will end up being a fun memory for the preschool pals.  I still have fond memories of trading baseball cards and stickers with my friends growing up.