Weekly Round-up-October 24th-October 28th 2016

Monday, the 24th-Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 25th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 27th-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 28th-Family Halloween Parties! 9:15-10:30 (No Regular Classes)-More details on the Blog-Please note children must attend with an adult.

Preschool Office News: If you haven’t done so already, please bring your Halloween party donations to school on Monday. It helps to make our party set-up easier. Also, this weekend it would be great if you signed up for snack on sign up genius (November-January schedule). Thanks so much!!

Mixed-up Chameleons News-Today we kicked off our Fun Friday with a sing-a-long.  We then did some “team building” activities and played “The Pumpkin In The Patch”.  Today was our last color day.  We participated in “Parade of Colors” by Hap Palmer and completed our final color mixing experiment which failed!  We could not get the water to turn black, but an army green.  We read the book “Inside a House that is Haunted” and sang a haunted house song.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News: This week we finished up “G” with Curious George and Georgie the Ghost.  We started “H” for Halloween with “Stomp Little Monsters”, “Seven Monsters in a Row” and “Spooky Loo”.  Next week will be filled with more Halloween fun!

Friday Enrichment News- Letter H was filled with a lot of “ha ha ha”.  We read “The Happy Hedgehog Band” by Martin Waddell and made our own hedgehogs!  Also, we read “The House That Max Built” by Maxwell Newhouse and “Hungry Hen” by Richard Waring.  The kids are doing so well with every activity.  They really take a great interest in all the projects.  Check out our wall for all the wonderful artwork!

Panda Bears: We are so excited for the Halloween party next week. We are looking forward to seeing all of the cute costumes! This week we continued all of our Halloween fun. We have been working hard on our Halloween songs to sing for you next week. Our letter this week was G and there was a guitar in our mystery box. Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Denise demonstrated their air guitar skills. Thankfully, we had a very receptive audience. For art we made some glittery ghosts, big green monsters, and glued pumpkins on a gate. See you Tuesday!

A quick note about the 2′s class and the Halloween Party. If you feel that your child will be more comfortable having you accompany them during the Halloween Parade, we strongly encourage that. If you’re sure that your child will be fine, feel free to wait along the parade path and get some good pictures. To those of you new to the Halloween Party, here is a heads-up. The party is self-run by you and your child. It does get loud and crowded. If you are bringing younger siblings (which we encourage) it is helpful to bring another adult along. We will sing our songs at the beginning and then you are free to leave when ever you are done with the party.