VHC, VBS, and MUC News – “I” is for “Inside Autumn”-Starts Thursday, November 3rd

Starting November 3, we will be going “Inside Autumn” with the letter “I”! During this week, we would love for students to bring with them to school signs of fall.  These could be pumpkins, squash, acorns, Indian corn, leaves, apples, nuts, etc. to place in our collecting bins. We actually already have quite a collection!  We will then choose a few of these items each day to go “inside”. I will have a knife and cutting board, (I’ll talk about knife safety, too,) and we will choose a few items to cut through each day. If you have something that may be hard for me to cut, feel free to cut it at home, or open it up before you bring it in. We’re looking forward to going inside autumn with the letter “I”!