Thanksgiving Food Drive 2016

On November 3rd, we will begin collecting food donations for the under-resourced and those going through hard times, and continue the collection through November 18th. During this time, we ask for you to have your child pick out a non-perishable food item to bring to preschool. We have found this to be a great opportunity for our children to begin to learn about giving. During this time, we will be talking about those who have less than us, those who have more than us, and about the importance of giving to others through material items, as well as through “good works”. As we are collecting the food items, we will be using them to work on our math skills by counting and adding items, and by making a graph. Our goal is to collect and count 100 items to donate to Valley Food & Clothing for distribution to local families. We will have a place set up in the preschool hallway for you and your child to put your donations. Thank you all so much for your generosity.