Recalling details and objects

One of the goals and objectives for preschoolers is “recall”.  The following are a few activities to teach this skill:

  1. Place five items in a bag.  Pull out each item and show your preschooler.  Then put all the items back inside the back.  Pull all the items out except one.  Have your preschooler guess what is still in the bag.  Pull the item out to show them if they are correct.  Continue to play with sometimes leaving two items in the bag.  You can then switch roles with your preschooler.
  2. Gather a tray.  Place a variety of object on the tray.  Start with three, and then increase the number with your preschoolers ability.  Show the tray of objects to your child.  Have them study it.  Then, after about a minute, cover the tray with a towel, or hide the tray.  Have your preschooler recall as many objects from the tray as possible.  Repeat with a different number and kinds of objects until your preschooler has mastered recalling the objects.
  3. Have your preschooler study a painting in your house, or a picture in a book for about a minute.  Remove them from the picture and ask them what they remember.