Cool Cats Class News

Wearing masks has been shown to be the safest option when in public or group settings. We want the Cool Cats and teachers to be as safe as possible. We are hoping that the kids will wear masks while at school and playing with their Cool Cat friends. We understand that this may be very new to kids – we’ll be understanding and encouraging throughout the day. We also plan on discussing and having activities related to the masks, just to try to make them as fun and normal as possible. 
We also understand that kids may/will need breaks from the masks. Because outdoor ventilation is safer than indoors, we are planning on allowing the kids to take off their masks during our outdoor times during the day. If you would prefer that your child keep the mask on outdoors also, we will work with him/her on that. 
We suggest practicing some mask wearing at home, especially if this is new for your child. You could put a mask on a favorite stuffed animal and talk about keeping that animal and other animals around it safe. You could set a timer and practice wearing a mask around your home for a set time – big high fives when your child makes it to the set time!  
Thank you all in advance. I know the start of this school year can bring a lot of uncertainty, but know that we are doing everything we can to make it a great and safe school year.  We’ll all be going through and learning together as we go.
Ms. Susan and Ms. Emily 

*Currently, the Playful Bunnies and the Top Dogs classes will not need to wear masks, which is in align with Governor Mike DeWine’s guidance. The Cool Cats would like to “experiment” with the idea of mask wearing to see if mask wearing could be successful in the preschool environment. If any of our mask wearing/not wearing changes, we will let you know.