November Events 2016

October 31st (Halloween) and November 1st (All Saints Day)-No School (for obvious reasons 🙂

3rd-School Picture Day

7th-Second tuition payment due & canned food drive begins

10th-Scholastic book orders due and Progress Reports go home

11th-Last Day to schedule a conference

14th-Conference day-If you would like a conference, please notify us by e-mail and let us know what time(s) work for you.  We are going to try to schedule everyone around the same time, so we do not have a hectic day.  If you are a working parent and can do an early morning time, or lunch time, that would be super for our teacher’s schedules.  We also may get subs to to teach for us so we can offer conferences while your preschool pal is in class.  Please note that conferences are optional, but important if you have questions about kindergarten, or have family issues you would like to talk to your child’s teacher’s about.  For everyone else, we hope that you get lots of feedback during pick-up time, so an offical conference would not be needed.

22-Family Thanksgiving Feast-11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

24 & 25-Thanksgiving Break-No school